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Wow, wow, wow! If you have ever proclaimed that pizza is not pizza without cheese, then it is time for you to eat your words. This amazing pizza was so wonderfully rich and flavorful that it left me feeling beyond fulfilled. And the real kicker: It is dairy-free, gluten-free, AND Vegan!...Incredible product.
-Alisa Fleming, Author of Go Dairy Free, Founder of

I seriously cannot even begin to express just how phenomenal the Perfectly Pesto pizza is. This came from a freezer?! It's gluten-free?! Dairy-free?! Soy-free?! Hefty portion yet healthy?! Cooks in just 10 minutes?! **faints at the mere sight of its goodness**
-Elizabeth, Beachwood, OH

OH MY GOSH! I went through a whole pack of the Just Crust Mini’s last night. I had to freeze the rest so I wouldn’t eat them all. I topped them with a little pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and some goat good!
-Tina, El Segundo, CA

I have worked with many patients on dietary changes to achieve maximum health, and I find that compliance can be a struggle.  This is why I make every effort to find high quality supplements and healthy food options for my patients. Clean Cravings' products are so delicious and make it so much easier for my patients to eat their way to better health.  I also eat the products myself because they are so tasty.
-Dr. Van Nguyen, MD, Pacific Palisades, CA

I am so thankful to finally find a gluten-free product that actually tastes great, doesn’t have a weird texture and is not loaded with sugar and preservatives like many other gluten-free breads. My 18 month old daughter loves the Just Crust Minis -  I just pop one in the toaster  and use to make her almond butter and jelly sandwiches or mini pizzas.
-Kelly, Los Angeles, CA

I ate my first pizza tonight and I loved it!...I’m so glad to find a ready-made pizza that has no gluten, dairy, or corn. It gives me a welcome break from having to cook a meal for myself (I have several food intolerances so I prepare 99 percent of my meals)
-Marla, Jasper, IN

I LOVE Just Crusts!! These are a million times better than the gluten-free stuff from Whole Foods.
-Carly, Santa Monica, CA

I had my first Pesto Pizza today. YUM! OMG so good....they really are delectable. And a nice size too - not too big or too small. It totally hit the spot for a nice, quick lunch at work.
-Nicole, Palm Springs, CA

These crusts are so yummy! I don't have dietary restrictions but I prefer to eat gluten free, even though that usually means I compromise on flavor. Thanks to Just Crusts I get to have the best of both worlds. Who knew being healthy could be so tasty! I can't wait for the pizzas!
-Heather, Los Angeles, CA

I don't have any dietary issues, but I am a customer based on taste alone. They are that good.
-Amy, Lafayette, CA

These are sooo good! I am so excited! I love the Rosemary Crust with tomatoes fresh from the garden and fresh mozzarella. Sooo yummy.
-Jen, Redondo Beach, CA

I like toasting them in the oven, then dipping them in hummus or red pepper spread. Mmmm...They really fluff up in the oven like pita bread, which makes them even more yummy. Alright, this is making me hungry;)
-Angela, Studio City, CA

I love these crusts!  My husband and I have had them the last two nights at dinner – we just toasted them up with some butter.  I like the slight sweetness in them plus the texture after they're toasted – yum!
-Nicole, El Segundo, CA

These are so good. I don’t know how you make these taste so good without putting any of the "bad stuff” in them!
-Shannon, Torrance, CA

 I tried the Just Crusts as a complement to my eggs & salsa breakfast, and they were AWESOME! They tasted healthy, hearty, and really delicious. I can see them being good for nearly anything - dipping in hummus, toasting and serving with guac, butter or cheese, so good! Thank you!
-Brian, Manhattan Beach, CA

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